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Massage Therapy

Wade Landry Massage therapy can involve many varying techniques and disciplines, some are best suited to specific conditions, and some may be applied by patient preference. It is important for Dunedin Health & Wellness Center to offer a wide diversity of Massage disciplines to support our many and varied patient base.

Wade Landry LMT

Wade Landry began working in the medical field in 1975, first as a C.N.A. at the former Tarpon Springs General Hospital, and then, for almost 9 years, as a Mental Health technician at Mease Hospital in Dunedin.

On deciding to focus his career on Massage Therapy Wade decided to take advantage of the many available disciplines but to concentrate on Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration.

Applying PPI, the patient and practitioner interact to guide the development of self-awareness and consciousness, enabling clients to increase their sense of wellbeing, their capacity to feel, and their ability to emotionally express themselves with clarity in their relationships. PPI integrates a whole process and procedure of touch into the ongoing psychotherapeutic process through stimulation of the layers of fascia, allows the opening of specific dimensions of experience and history of the body and its different parts

Wade was licensed in massage therapy in January 1984 and became certified in Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration in February 1988 by Dr. Joy K. Johnson, Ph.D.

Wade has also studied Craniosacral Therapy (in1988 and 1989); Tui Na, and NeuroMuscular Massage Therapies, as well as, Somato-Emotional Release, Reichian Breath work and different approaches to energy-field healing.

Wade's in-depth understanding of the metaphysical importance of Massage Therapy makes him an ideal practitioner for the overall philosophy of Dunedin Health & Wellness Center

We improve your health and wellness through balance and harmony!

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