1000 Bass Boulevard
Dunedin, Florida 34698

Welcome to the Dunedin Health & Wellness Center

When you enter our facility you will immediately notice a difference. Our peaceful and friendly atmosphere is relaxing and reassuring; resonating with the intention that you receive a positive health care experience.


We have carefully selected therapies that we know will be complimentary; providing you with a powerful, positive, wellness experience.

Chiropractic, Massage/Bodywork, Yoga, Nutrition and lifestyle education; can be taken as individual therapies or combined into a total holistic package so that we can meet your many diverse needs; from people who want to improve an already healthy lifestyle to people dealing with injuries, chronic and/or acute pain or other health related issues.

Your therapy, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle/movement re-education are individually tailored to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health and well being.

We improve your health and wellness through balance and harmony!

Chiropractic Massage Yoga